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Are VT MAX ALTO clubs USGA conforming?

Yes, all of our VT MAX ALTO clubs have been tested by the USGA, have received USGA approval letters and are searchable within the USGA database of conforming clubs. 

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How do I order clubs? What club combinations do you offer & how will you fit the clubs for my son or daughter?

Our proprietary online customization process utilizes your player inputs to select and custom assemble any single club, or combination of clubs that you might have in mind. We will select from our wide array of shaft and clubhead options to provide the appropriate club length, shaft flex and club weights; based on your player inputs.

If you happen to know exactly what clublengths you prefer, our customers have the option to enter their preferred lengths in the comments field on the junior inputs form... otherwise you only need to select your clubs and color combinations -  then we handle the rest. 

Any comments, requests or questions can be entered into the comments field on our junior input form.


Custom Ordering Best Practices:

A) Since all clubs in a given order are associated with the junior input specs for a single player, if you are planning to order clubs for more than one player - please make a fully separate order for each player.

B) When ordering, please add each club to the cart one at a time. You can always remove clubs as needed when you are done. Our dynamic discounting algorithm will automatically apply progressive discounting to each additional club added to your cart.

C) The ordering process proceeds with the addition of clubs to the shopping cart, to our proprietary junior inputs form - where your player details are entered to facilitate club customization. Please add all clubs to the cart before proceeding to the junior input form, and be sure all inputs entered are only for a single player per order. 

D) There is a custom ordering guide available at the top left portion of the custom order page.

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How can I verify my club details & player inputs?

On the shopping cart page you will be able to view the club details and your player's specs.


My junior is growing fast, how long will the clubs fit for?

While growth rates differ, VT MAX clubs will be built to a size that will fit most players for growth of 3-4 inches or typically a one to two year period. Naturally with kids clubs, the challenge is always to strike a balance between optimal current fit - versus room for growth. 

Whenever requested, we'll be happy to build the clubs a little longer to allow for extra growth - or - exactly to your preferred individual lengths.


Can VT MAX  junior shafts be used to reshaft men's OEM brand clubheads?

Yes, VTMAX junior shafts are codesigned and Engineered by UST Mamiya and are frequently used to reshaft men's driver, fairway, and hybrid clubheads - with excellent results. Our wide variety of junior shaft models are fully compatible with TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra, Titleist and all major OEM brand adapter sleeves & clubheads. Driver shafts are available with or without adapter sleeve and/or grips included.

Directly below is the link for ready to play: Velocity Driver shaft + OEM adapter sleeve + grip

     "Ready to Play" shafts

How long will it take to receive my custom fit VT MAX clubs?

All US customers will receive their finished clubs in an estimated 5-7 days.

Customers who live outside the US can be expected to receive their finished clubs in less than 10 days.

What countries do you ship to and what is the cost?

All shipping costs are set as a function of weight and destination. During the checkout process, once your shipping address is entered, the shipping price will display. We ship to the US, Canada, Mexico, South America, Asia, Europe and some African nations. If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email from our Contact Us page.


Is it safe to use my credit card on FLYNN-GOLF.COM?

Yes,  FLYNN-GOLF.com is TLS encrypted and credit card information is NEVER stored in our database.

Is my personal information kept private?

Personal information is used solely to process customer orders. We never sell or distribute your personal information to any other parties.

Do I need to log in to make a purchase?

No, log in is not part of the purchase process.

Where can I apply my coupon code?

On the cart page, there is a box to enter your coupon code. Once it's entered just click apply.

What is your returns policy?

We guarantee all of our clubs against defects in materials or assembly; and will repair or replace any defective club; as is deemed appropriate on the basis those specific circumstances.

Please note that we offer many variations of a custom assembled product and so can not accept returns on the basis of "I changed my mind" etc.
When parents might be concerned that their son or daughter may not like the clubs, it is recommended to consider purchasing one or two clubs to serve as a "limited risk" test.

Please be assured that we have successfully equipped thousands of young players, including world champions in their respective divisions.

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