ALTO+ Hybrids



21°, 24° & 27° Lofts

Beautifully redesigned, our new VTMAX ALTO+ Custom Hybrids enable enhanced consistentency and performance. The ALTO+ Custom Hybrids are lighter with repositioned weighting, and now available in 3 Loft Options. “Go-to” clubs from both fairway and rough, ALTO+ Hybrids are offered with a full complement of shafts, grips and color options.

ALTO+ is the result of much perseverance, collaborative effort and purpose. Built with features that surpass expectations and designs that exceed prevailing junior golf standards, we believe these clubs reset the bar for high performance junior golf equipment. ALTO+ represents our enduring goal of enhancing the enjoyment and performance for every junior golfer, so that the next generation can advance and enjoy the great game of golf.

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Flynn ALTO+ Hybrid Specs


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