TE Forged Classic DEMO 7 iron


Important Demo Club Notes:

TE Forged Classic 7 iron demo clubs are offered as a discounted opportunity for Flynn Golf customers to test a representative iron prior to purchasing a fuller set.

TE irons are only intended and recommmended for male junior golfers who are at least 58" tall and/or weigh at least 90-100 pounds or female junior golfers who are at least 61" tall and/or weigh at least 100 pounds .

Please note that demo clubs are not intended to be included during simultaneous placement of a custom order set; nor as a means of adding a lower priced additional club to an existing set.

Aside from those considerations, TE Forged Classic 7 irons are identical in quality and appearance to other comparable TE Forged Classic irons.

Whenever the time is right to fill out your son or daughter's club set (after previous purchase of a demo club), there is no need to purchase another 7 iron with the full set, since the demo club you already have will typically fill that role.

APPLICABLE LIMIT:  Maximum of 2 Demo clubs per customer/family.


Junior irons

VT MAX ALTO custom-built irons represent a striking new standard for junior golf irons. Inspired by classic designs and developed by Flynn Golf in collaboration with industry experts, our new ALTO irons offer both high-performance and forgiveness, in part by using precisely deployed perimeter and interior weight positioning.

ALTO irons are designed to enable junior golfers of all skill levels to achieve better overall distance and accuracy, while providing that instantaneous feedback that only comes from a true performance iron. In addition to these performance features ALTO irons are complemented and enhanced with customizable shafts, lengths, colors & grips.

We’re confident that you’ll agree that ALTO irons are “the total package”.

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