Iomic "Sticky" Junior grips


Premium Elastomer Compound
Patented Japanese Polymer Technology

Unmatched Durability - #1 Most durable junior grip!
Non-slip Pattern & Texture
Easy to Clean

IOMIC’s Sticky junior grip offers a soft, tacky grip featuring a simple yet effective plus sign pattern for improved traction. The IOMAX Elastomer used to make these junior grips is a highly water resistant material and easy to clean. Not an ounce of moisture will permeate these grips. Thanks to patented Japanese Polymer Technology, the IOMAX material allows this grip to be the #1 most durable junior grip. They will look brand new for many rounds to come 

Available in  Blue/White, Gren/White & Red/White color choices.  (Note: IOMIC has discontinued orange junior grips)


Material- IOMAX Elastomer

Core Size- .560" Round

Weight- 40 grams



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